Tong Tung Teak is a perenmial plant, a kind of teak or chad tree in North-Eastern. Tomg Tung haven't any features. Normally young leaves are popular for packing food and for package using by people in the North of Thailand e.g. Chiang Mai, Lanna. Also made for Lanna roof durable enough for 4-5 years. Thai Yoonan usually make their by mud with Tong Tung Teak Leaves. It does not affect environment.

Lanna folk way brings the innovation that government support SMEs develop innovation for customers. The first thing is making leaves dry after that washing leaves and finally process our product to be excellent.

We took insight and see benefit beyond this leaves and try to create products in various usage since home decoration, miscellaneous items e.g. coaster, lunch mat, cushion cover, stationary kit until variuos kind of bag e.g. handbag, cosmetic bag, travel amenity kit, wallet, conference promotion bag, umbrella .,etc included souvenir gifts, business gifts, promotion gift, wedding gift and so on.
To summarize :"Whatever fabric can, leather can, Mleaf can "WE CAN DO FOR YOU!!!

Not only concept of "Green Sustainable Products" that attract both Thai and oversea clients be interested in our products also "Unique Style" "Only 1 in Thailand" make Mleaf be popular across USA, UK, Spain, Japan included Europe.
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Thai Tradional House Model is a long cultural heritage of Thai's residence in the past, these house were seen in all over central region of Thailand. The vital features are wooden house with open air basement, high roofs, wide terrace and long slope of foothills.
The rich or the househouse head will have his house built in group. The house consists of a few houses connecting each by terrace. each house is for the faminly. There will be the largest main parents's house. Every house will be facing to each other.
A moderate Thai, who is having his new family will build his single or double-roof house as the main one. the other smaller will be built after having children.
Thai traditional house was properly designed for Thailand's weather with graceful and neatly constructed. And there is very suitable space for the past thais' living style.

Thai Thai traditiona house Model Kit is made of slice teak wood which is the excellent quality wood and well knpwn among the Thais. It totally consists of 113 general peices and 74 roof pieces. every piece was designed for easily and elegant assemble. the manual instrustion and display box are available with the kit.

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Established on May 8, 2014 with 5-year experience of research and study delicately all production process and developing product continuously, also the first to initiate GO GREEN Standard in Thailand.

Emphasized on HALAL food and distribute products to domestic & global market in order to enhance plain SATAY to serve people around the world without limitation of race, religion, gender and age.

Vision  : To Create a Smile of Happiness to Our Customer Who Have Experienced in Our Unique Taste in Satay Style with Standard of High-Quality Production and Food Safety (GMP & HACCP)

Commitment : To Penetrate our Business Development in order to Satisfy Our Customers Need in Culture Food and a Chance to Offer Our Best for Physical and Mental Healthy for Today Life Style.
Peanut Spread Satay Sauce
Satay Sauce (Non Peanut)
Satay Sauce Original Taste
SATAY Seasoning Mix
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A small village in the far south of Thailand 'Trang' province where the revered nun stayed, she was an insight meditation teacher who guided the ways to accomplish meditation in the suitable manners.

Her step-son who got severely allergic with all kind of personal care and household products, even the mildest products for infants. She had recalled her folk wisdom and started produced the household products for him, it was incredible that he soon had recovered from rash and prickly heat. From that starting point, many of the villagers who acknowledged the news, and got the same problems as her son, headed to ask for help, they were all recovered from the symptoms. Starting from a small village, it was expanding to district, province, capital and now abroad. With her long vision, she predicted that humankind had destroyed the nature severely, there would be unexpected natural disasters, people would be struggling to flooding and lacking of plain water. The late nun had assigned her son to continue her ideology to protect the nature as much as he could. As a result, he has kept researching and developing the products.

Our products have been marketed for more than 15 years under the original brand and at the same time has produced under the OEM agreement to many outstanding brands domestically and abroad.

Recently, we have launched new brands : Herbo Clean (household products), Derma Juize (personal care products), Doulare for baby (products for baby) and Dourlare for mom (products for pregnant and breast-feeding moms), and Puppy Play (pet products). The new launched brands are the latest recipes which we believe are the best answers to all generations.

Our product range includes liquid soap, dishwashing liquid laundry liquid, and multi-purpose liquid cleaner with premium quality, safe, non-irritating, and carcinogen - free. Our products are formulated with multiple fruit acids, which are suitable for people with allergies or chemical sensitivity.

We use the most environmentally friendly production methods and materials. Our signature ingredients are fruits that are ripened for at least one year. Our packaging materials are recyclable. Our labels are biodegradable and PVC-free. All our products have been developed and improved continuously over the past decade. Our products have been inspected and certified by numerous government agencies such as Department of Science Service, FDA, Thailand Environment Institute, and Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research. Therefore, our products are poised with exceptional quality. They are both safe for human health and the environment.

Your life is precious! Our products always put your health first. As we use only pure and natural.

  - Personal Care Products
  - Products for Baby and Mom
  - Pet Products
  - Household Products
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KEEP SPA - 100% Natural Thai Herb - Organic by BioAgriCert
  • KIT Back Pillow : Herbal Organic 550 grams
  • KIT Compress Ball : Herbal Organic 250 grams
  • KIT Eye Pillow adding Mask : Herbal Organic 60 grams
  • KIT Multi-Purpose Pillow : Herbal Organic 300 grams
  • KIT Neck Pillow : Herbal Organic 700 grams
  • KIT Facial Mini Ball : WAN-SAO-LONG Scent 35 grams x 2 pcs.


Since 2003, we are the original and pioneer manufacturer who are:
LEADER in R & D using microwave to heat and activate our Thai herbs and ingredients.
FIRST using 100% natural Thai herbs to generate heavenly aroma rejuvenates and invigorates.
FIRST to develop and use Wan-Sao-Long (Amomum Biflorum Jack) in our products.
FIRST using Organic Jasmine Rice (Oryza Sativa Linn).
OEM many world class brands in many countries worldwide.
DEVELOP our herbal products for multiple usages of 50 times (in Thailand).


1)Ease of use
•Controllable heat.
•Do it yourself.
•Do not waste your time.
•Convenience and use everywhere

2)Reuse and Ease of store
•To preserve herb scents and away from humidity by quality packaging aluminum foil zipper bag
•Long lifetime

3)Raw material and ingredient
•High quality standard and unique Thai herbs (hard to copy)
•Organic herb ingredients
•100% natural cotton fabric (non-dyed & non-bleach fabric)
•Finely pattern cutting and sewing (Hand Made)
•No chemical added

KIT Neck Pillow :
Herbal Organic 700 grams

KIT Facial Mini Ball : WAN-SAO-LONG Scent 35 grams x 2 pcs.

KIT Eye Pillow adding Mask : Herbal Organic 60 grams
KIT Compress Ball : Herbal Organic 250 grams
KIT Back Pillow :
Herbal Organic 550 grams

KIT Multi-Purpose Pillow : Herbal Organic 300 grams

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