Established on May 8, 2014 with 5-year experience of research and study delicately all production process and developing product continuously, also the first to initiate GO GREEN Standard in Thailand.

Emphasized on HALAL food and distribute products to domestic & global market in order to enhance plain SATAY to serve people around the world without limitation of race, religion, gender and age.

Vision  : To Create a Smile of Happiness to Our Customer Who Have Experienced in Our Unique Taste in Satay Style with Standard of High-Quality Production and Food Safety (GMP & HACCP)

Commitment : To Penetrate our Business Development in order to Satisfy Our Customers Need in Culture Food and a Chance to Offer Our Best for Physical and Mental Healthy for Today Life Style.


Although Satay enable to found in the market however good quality and high standard is deficient because of difficulty and complication of production process.

With 5-year experiences of research and study delicately all production process and developing product continuously. To offer high quality product to domestic and global market, we now enable to provide outstanding products to fulfill Satay market with covering all complete Satay product type.

Satay Seasoning mix : make Satay menu easy and convenient, assist all people can do. Used for marinating all type of meats e.g. chicken, prawn, beef, ostrich, venison, lamb and kidneys. After meat being marinated you will experience a feeling of tender and juicy meat, taste and smelling of Thai’s spices and herbs. All marinated meat must be kept in freeze at least 4 hours or left it overnight will be the best before being grilled.

Satay Sauce : be consumed instantly after being opened with 3 types of Satay Sauce :

1) Original Taste-Satay Sauce with Peanut,

2) Non-Peanut Satay Sauce – for be allergic to peanut, milk and flour and

3) Peanut Butter Style -Satay Sauce with peanut cream.


Quality and Standard of Production

Satay Seasoning Mix : can be used to marinate with all type of meats, tender and juicy with smelling of Thai’s spices and herbals

Satay Sauce : mellow taste, spices and herb smelling presented with various menu e.g. bread, roti, cooked rice, dried noodle, spaghetti and salad dressing.

Food Safety

Preservative-Free, Contamination-Free

Keep at 24 Months / 12 Months after openning : Product storage keep in room temperature, avoid sunshine.

SATAY Seasoning Mix
Peanut Spread Satay Sauce
Satay Sauce Original Taste
Satay Sauce (Non Peanut)